Saturday, 31 March 2007


I Feel so pushed away. And now I'll do the same.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hey Ho, [It's Off to Work] Let's Go!

Wow, so this doesn't feel like spring reak at all. More like work-during-the-day week. That sums up this week Other then I bought 3 cds got 2 cds free, bought Tasha a small present, gave Paula her books and presents... yup.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Life of... Me, not Pi.

So Sarah is staying at our house, for I don't know how long. I'm not really mad or opposed to this, and everyone is getting use to it quickly. I guess in a way it just is awkward right now and a bit weird having someone not related to us stay in our house. The closest person I can think of that has stayed with us with no relation is my dad's second cousin, so my... third cousin? or second once removed or something? All confusing. But yes. I'm at school right now and have to go soon. And I have to work tonight. AND the re-release of Family Force 5's album comes out today which I can't get because I work right away. ;_; Sorrow. But I'll get someone in my family to go out and buy it for me. Plus Mel has like 3 or so cd's she wants. Yes.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Broken Soul ;; No Place to Go

Well, after last night I can only say that we need more practice. So much for being the optimist in the group. When those other girls were practicing their songs I told Mel and Sarah it's a totally different style from what we play. Still, for other reasons, my soul seems to be broken and be bleeding.

My life has no direction. It's not spinning at all yet my head is so blurred. I have no life after high school. And I can't work much longer. There's nothing for me to do. Maybe after high school I should go to BC and live with my grandparents for a year or so and work around town there, do some soul searching. I'd miss so many people here that I can't even begin to name for fear that we'll grow apart and they'll change, and I'll change, and they won't like me anymore the way they use to, they won't love me like they did before. But maybe I can find something I like and love and am proud of and am almost worthy of doing.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Wee Morning Hours

So it's... early in the morning. Day OF the concert. When i should be getting sleep. But I'll take a nap tomorrow. Thank goodness for naps. Which I don't take unless I'm sick. W00! Rock On!

I'm sleepy so I can't think of what to write in this blog post thingy. Sarah says, in her words exactly, to put more fire on the wood.

And last but not least. If you want to listen to a humourously good but creepy awesome song listen to Cuckoo by Neon Horse. That is all, as Sarah sings along with the cuckoo parts of the song. Yes.


Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Crap-tastic Adventures Of, well, Me

*First off let me say that I'm sorry but I'll be using crap a whole lot in this post.*

Looks like I have another crap-tastic week ahead of me. And I'm not abandoning that lovely attitude about it either unless it suddenly looks up which is so doubtful.

So first off I suddenly work three times this week. Okay, whatever I can handle that to an extent. But then I work Tuesday for the first time in months. The day I was planning to go score a copy of the new Relient K cd Four Score and Seven Years Ago. Total suckage because I can't even go after school cause I work right after school until closing. Which is the same closing time as every other well meaning store in the city.

Then Friday I work again. Normally this wouldn't bug me other then the fact that youth group is that night so it sort of does bug me. BUT this week especially because it's probably our 'last' chance to practice before the Sunday night coffee house gig which everyone is looking forward to. So I'm getting driven over to Church right after work and Mr.T said that because we actually do have a performance we can use the mic's that night to practice. Kudos to him and my mom who's going to drive me even though I'll me cranky and mean because of crappy work. To make matters worse however is that we get mark summaries at school Friday and I know mine are down the drain because of work. Which is when I spring the point about quitting work on my parents. It's not even like I really need the money except to fly down to Ontario in May and I'm going to quit anyways for the summer. So there's that

Then Saturday I work. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, at our work will agree to work a Saturday if they: A) aren't scheduled to work B) can avoid it. And for the last four months I haven't had a free Saturday. It's always craptasticly busy and my co-worker on Saturday (who also always works at the same time as me Saturday but doesn't mind it) is always nagging on my do to things I can't manage to because of the freaking load of people that come in always right before we close. Another reason to quit because I'm not going to put up with that.

The only good thing is that come next Sunday I will be having a blast at the coffee house with my partner-in-crime, one of my best friends, and a whole group of people that we know and don't after we finish preforming our two songs. Yay! And that is one of my many rants that I need to write in the next week.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Keyboards suck the life out of words

So I was writing a thought in my other blog and was just about to publish it when it vanished. Yeah and it wouldn't have been very bad except that I had something really going and it was like I unlocked a mystery of life. And so to everyone else it stills remains a mystery until they figure it out because I can't word it the same way as the first time because everything meaningful is suddenly gone. And I'm sitting here saddened that this stupid computer did that to me. No text was even highlighted and it just disappeared. Stupid stupid computer. *stabs keyboard and monitor*

Friday, 2 March 2007

My Tired Eyes. Sleep! For Rest is Coming

So it's technically Friday and a whole lot of bad programming is on TV this late. I should be watching Jannet's Supernatural dvd's she lent me but I don't want to wake anyone up. Yesterday was fun except for the rude bus driver *glare*

So Jannet, Mira, Kelsey, Steph, Jade (dressed up as a guy which was quite freaky actually), and I had lunch at Tokyo Express. Hmmm good stuff. Then We went to Town Center and hung out there for a good hour and a half after lunch. Fun fun stuff. Tawnya had to ditch because some relatives from the states came up unexpectedly. And then Jade had to leave right after lunch which kinda sucked. But then the others came up with idea that we could start "a band" *cough* I'm the bodyguard and singer (and the only one with any talent as they happened to mention) Jannet the guitarist, Mira the drummer, Kelsey the keyboardist, Steph the manager, and Jade, well she's the back-up dancer. Yeah. And our name? The Bio-Dome5 as Jannet so 'brilliantly' came up with. So lame but fun at the same time.

At youth this evening we are playing Wally-ball! (after my 6 hours of work from 12 to 6) We usually have a blast and Katie is bringing a friend, Kennedy so I'm excited to see how this all works out. Thank goodness that Curtis couldn't come this week XD hardly any room otherwise.

And this is the first post in March! Yay!