These are people that I like. I think you might like them too.

Bryce    -  You never know when he'll post, but he has a passion for writing about things important to    him
Jannet   - A close friend of mine. She's gotten me out of tough times and can bring a smile to my face
Lizzy    - We haven't talked in years but she is amazing. She's a poet who's been (and is) on a journey through everyday life. Simply put: She's inspiring.
Michelle-A photographer, an artist, a wonderful woman. Check her blog out!
Mira     - A close friend of mine. She is awesome and super talented and gorgeous. Just saying.
Patricia - I love how she openly portrays every person and challenge she comes across. She is wonderful
Peter     - A crazy kid that I call a friend. Rantings, simple insights, and great posts.
Post Secret - You want to read them because they're your secrets too.
Sarah    - This girl is my best friend. She's an awesome writer just so you know. She's been through a lot so treat her good. =)
Sarah 2 - This is Sarah's other blog. It's on a hiatus of sorts at the moment. Still good all the same.