Monday, 16 March 2009

Down to the Final Mark

Okay guys. Here's the deal:

I have 2 essays due in less then a weeks time. Sociology is due Thursday (Okay its pretty much written itself I just need to find some sources for one measly paragraph then pump it out to at least 5 pages. Easy Peas.) And English is due Monday. I haven't even looked over the poems to see what I want to do. So finish Sociology and then do English got it.

I hate my singing class. Just because I decided to finish my Spanish paper last week instead of going. So I have no idea. Es la crap.

On my reading list for Summer -- Finish the middle of Persuasions and A Tale of Two Cities. I just had no time to read the entire things for class. I felt bad but at least I didn't have to say anything about them in class.

So only a few more weeks left to go. Easter is around the corner and I finish my exams at least a day or two before my birthday <3 Lucky there. I have a registration appointment this Wednesday... hopefully that's good enough for me to get into the classes I want. Tawnya has to go Friday. No sympathy for her because she decided to book her appointment late. But that's mean.
Never have to take Sociology again in my life! Bwa hahaha. I hated that class. Until last week when we started talking about how prostitution is not illegal in Canada. Really? That is sick. And child prostituition is but yet theres so much of that happening still. It is soooooo.... words don't describe. And some of those kids are as young as 8. Ew. But I digress.

I need to leave in 1/2 an hour for English and my once-a-week singing course. And I only ate breakfast and got dressed... now to actually make my hair look half-decent.