Sunday, 24 January 2010

Books aren't for the weak.

Jane Eyre is actually like my favourite book now. No joke. The writing is fantastic and all the references to other literature and sayings are amazing. Kudos to Charlotte Bronte

As much as I like Jane Austen's hero's (though I find her writing a bit dry), Mr.Rochester seems much more real. Everything from him not being a stock hero of being handsome and dashing and having a fantastic personality, yes, he is rather not handsome though he has a way with his words and is quite often in a sour mood (when we first meet him in the book) and his mood changes often enough to give him a real personality.

The book actually evokes feeling; anger, helplessness, happiness, sadness, joy, anger within sorrow, contentment. It swells the heart and tugs the heartstrings.

This is pretty much how I thought Mr. Rochester would look, give or take, maybe slightly older. For the adaptations I have to say that the BBC 2006 Mr.Rochester is the closest and that the 1996 (?) Jane are the closest in terms of what the characters I thought should look like. Ellen Page was originally suppose to be in a movie version but she is no longer tied to it (Too bad because she is like the perfect Jane - short (like she's suppose to be) and plain yet pretty).

Thursday, 7 January 2010

How Rude!

I want to know why there is suddenly a huge hole in my bank account.

And I mean after I paid my school fees. And my insurance already got payed for. There should be at least 100 or 200 dollars in there that isn't. What the frick just happened?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


First post of the new year!

Today was the first day of classes. Oh man.

1) Shakespeare = love. I could care less that I barely know the people in that class that I know. It's freaking Shakespeare. And as my prof put it he is greater than Chaucer. Haha!

2) History scares me. It's a freaking intro class and that prof is making it seem like a 400 level. Seriously. Ugh. BUT if I'm lucky the cute guy who sits in front and to the side of me will not have dropped out of that class. *fingers crossed*

3) (Religion) Christian History scares me. We have to do a one page writing assignment every week. Do profs think that we have nothing better to do and have money spilling out of our many pores? Do they not think that some people are actually living on their own trying to make money to go to school AND pay for rent AND food? Give us a break and at least cut it down to every other week.

4) English tomorrow. But I have Tawnya and Sarah B. in that class with me so its all good.

Uh. Yes. I would say more but people are always watching >_>