Sunday, 22 July 2007

Road Blog: Day 5

So we went swimming today. It was quite fun actually. George Lake XD. I thought of Curtis out there. He's like a ghost, he scares people off the beach with his radiating white glow. And I also thought of the fat, fat lady courtesy of Bradley Hathaway. Ha. But I enjoyed myself as we went swimming out to the rock which was a longer swim than what I remembered and the only bad part was getting my ears and sinuses clogged with water -_-

Tomorrow we're leaving again down to the South (ha Rumble in the South) and I get to finish reading my HP book (only on chapter 10 because I was allowed to read while we went to the beach) Not sure how much I'll be on after today so until that point.

So Adios!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Road Blog: Day 4

Today has been quite fun already. Mel and I got up at about 6 our time 8 here to go for a 10-20 min jog then we went and had our cousin photo shoot. After that I bought the new Harry Potter book for $23 plus a new t-shirt that I saw a while back and really wanted. Then we went home for lunch and then went to the giant nickel/mines. Pretty sweet. And then went for ice cream at DQ everyone is up stairs now playing Super Smash bros. Then we're going to see HP & the Order of the Phoenix later tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going swimming!


Friday, 20 July 2007

Road Blog: Day 3

So now I'm in Sudbury. Quite fun waking up early in the morning. Mmmm. Anywho. I'm just sitting here in my cousin's basement writing this. It's quite cool here. I think we're still here for a few more days, till Monday so no more traveling until then. Tomorrow we're taking a 'cousin' photo for our grandparents and then going to some crazy mining thing which m cousins have been to a million times and say is "Fun for the first time when you're seven". Ha. Great. Anyways I better be heading off again.


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Road Blog: Day 2

So here I am sitting in a motel in Nipigon with internet. Unfortunately the motel yesterday didn't want to connect our internet >_>. So I'm in a little hick town right now. We had Chinese food which was good but we had to go into this pool 'house' which transforms into a bar at night. Greeeat. Anyways its not bad but right now I'm actually wondering if this is how Sarah kinda feels. Except I know this place is probably bigger still. So many houses still. But I must be heading off.

Till later.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Checka, Check Check Check

Less than a week until Ontari-ari-arioooo. And a week until the Last Harry Potter book XD and then a bit more than two months before the amazing TFK record. Yes.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

La La La July Is Here!

I'm a counselor at camp now. That's a bit stressing/cool/mostly exciting for me. I'm not getting a full cabin though which is nice. Totally agree with that decision there. Gah. My room is going through cleaning/rearrangements right now too. Kinda glad because we'll get more room, though it won't be so cool. Only until Kirstin moves out. Then I'll push the beds together and have a makeshift queen size made out of two doubles =D.