Friday, 28 January 2011

April 19, 2007 vs. January 28, 2011

Lets see how much I've changed. Or rather how much I've stayed the same.

April 19th
Ten Random Things About Me:
10. I've been playing the guitar for just about four years - Almost 8 years now
9. I have no feeling on the side of one of the fingers on my left hand -
8. I have had the same hair style my whole life (in a ponytail XP) - essentially. I did get it cut short-ish last year
7. After grade 12 I'm getting a fawk hawk (or something of the like) - Never happened
6. Of famous old skool bands my 3 faves in order are: Elvis, Queen, the Beatles - I like way more than just that. Journey.
5. I own more frog things then any one else I've met -
4. I'm a computer genius.... of sorts - was. Still understand them.
3. Mel and I use to look like twins -
2. I'm not interested in stories with vampires... seriously! XD -
1. I try to be humorous if the atmosphere in a place is gloomy. Unless I'm the gloomy one... -

Nine Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
9. Find the guy I would want to spend the rest of my life with. -
8. Have kids if I ever got married -
7. Travel through out the state Washington -
6. Buy a Chevy Pick-up from the 1950's - Gorgeous trucks!
5. Build a small recording studio - Or make one in my house
4. Release one CD - Or ep for family/friends
3. Write a book if ^ (the above) doesn't work out - or do that anyways
2. Meet: Dave Pelsue, Trevor McNevan, Jason Wade, Christian Lindskog, Krystal Meyers, and Kelly Clarkson - amen to wanting to do that
1. Drink a million energy drinks in one day - uhhhhhh. what?

Eight Ways To Annoy Me:
8. waking me up early in the morning -
7. make me eat food I don't like -
6. give me too many tasks -
5. make me do housework right before/after work -
4. do something after I tell you to stop -
3. comfort me when I'm in a bad mood ... I will bite your head off - depends really. sometimes I do just want to talk
2. find out an amazing song has a swear in it ... you didn't need to do that =( -
1. take something of mine without asking/after I say no -

Seven Things I Need:
7. more time with God -
6. love -
5. sleep -
4. foooooood (rawr or I get annoyed =D) -
3. friends -
2. music -
1. God -

Six Favorite Things In My Room:
6. clothes.... - ...some
5. blankets -
4. frogs (XD) -
3. books -
2. Cd's -
1. acoustic guitar -

Five Things I'm Scared Of:
5. Losing the people I love -
4. Not getting married when I'm older -
3. Getting hurt by the guy I love (nerd = me ; it sounds too cliche XD) -
2. Dying painfully and slowly (not dying itself however) -
1. Being rejected, dejected, subject to decay (well I was but Jesus saved me so that doesn't count in a sense I suppose) -

Four Things I Do Everyday:
4. Eat -
3. Sleep -
2. Breathe -
1. Repeat -

Three Things I'll Never Forget:
3. crushes (unfortunately) - argh.
2. family/friends -
1. God's love for me -

Two Things I'll Always Cherish:
2. Family/Friends -
1. God's Love for me when I don't deserve it -

One Confession I Must Make:
1. I have never kissed a boy/been on a date - ✓ :(