Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Warming Schmarming

I don't believe in global warming. I understand that there is pollution and yada yada. But doesn't that have to do with the ozone? And maybe you argue that the deplesion in the ozone layer is the reason for global warming. Sure, fine. But what if you didn't have the sun (like at night) then wouldn't coldness be leaking into our atmosphere? A ha. Plus results show that while the Earth is getting warmer in the short term, the long term effects show that we would be more likely to have an ice age. Whoa ho. Eat that popsicle. So even if you leave a junkie comment, I most likely will read it, think it over, and then laugh it off. And purge.

I think the world will be gone before we hit global warming. Or an ice age. We're in good hands so stop worrying about the Earth so dang much. Worry about the world; the people. I'd rather care about those kids in Africa then some stupid Earthly trend cycle. Forget the trees. Save the kids.