Friday, 31 July 2009

3 x 3 x 3

Woah, woah, woah
Hang on baby.
Did you just say you love me?


Pop, pop, pop
Goes my head
It is like popcorn in the microwave


Bang, bang, bang
Your finger, the trigger
Wave bye-bye to the world


Higher, higher, higher
I seem to be gone
Floating somewhere on cloud 9 mayhaps?


Sigh, sigh, sigh
This isn't anytime soon
What a boring life I lead.

Beautiful Things

Verse 1:
Work my fingers to the bones
Learn to live, to forget and let go
Sometimes the faces of the past come back
It gets easy to ignore
When hope has been restored

So now I,
I can sing in the rain
I can love without pain
I can live everyday
With these Beautiful, beautiful things
Finally feel my heart beating
Let my lungs breath deeply
all my tears turned to dreams
of beautiful, beautiful things

Verse 2:
Temptation holds the key
To what you think you want or need
Well it takes a stronger man to stand
And learn from the past
But never go back

Regretful heartbreaks
Well it shatters the soul
But after tearful mistakes
A mournful heart may grow
And then let go

Words and Music by Lanae’ Hale
©2009 Centricity Music Publishing/ASCAP