Sunday, 18 May 2008

Hello Kelly (Time)!


Feels like my shadow's missing
Feels like this mirror is empty
Feels like a fight to stay alive
I see my fingers fading
It won't be long before I'm gone
Is anybody listening?

I'm slipping, slipping

Don't leave me disappearing
Falling into this place
Save me before I fade away

Where is my happy ending?
How long before my dreams die, too?
When I feel this pain
At least I feel something, something

It's everything I want to show you what I've got
I've still got so much left to give
It's everything I want to show you what I've got
I've still got so much left to give

Feels like my shadow's missing

No Time for Tears

I've seen this all before, I know
If this goes down again I hope
That this disaster ends before I close my eyes
Because this house has lost its home
And all this love was just a joke
But I'll escape before the roof caves in again
But it's always waiting there for me

Cause when everything hits home
That's when these promises and vows start breaking, now
I just want to turn this back to the way it was before
But I've got no time for tears

With cardboard boxes piled high
And two suitcases full of lies
This is where they both expect me to be strong
Everything that once was mine
Is now divide on two sides
And he expects to fill this void with just
Another diamond ring
But I'll always call her by her name

No, I've got no time for tears

I can't blame you; It's not your fault
You've thrown away this time
I can't blame you; It's not your fault
And everything you had is dying
You can't blame me; It's not my fault
And God knows that I tried
You can't blame me; It's not my fault
And it's not on me to make this right

No, I've got no time for tears

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Shell Fish

I think I must be the most selfish person on the planet right now for what I wish would happen. I know I am close to at the very least.

God save me.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Oh No

I think my soul just cracked.

It's hanging by a thread by what you're doing to me.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Meaning Behine the Dream

Last night I had the most amazing, realistic dream.

I wrote about it in my other blog. Kinda free styled it.

Anyways. It's pretty much as it says except there are thing I didn't mention:
Like the fact that I don't know who the heck this guys was except that he had brilliant blue eyes and a dark blond hair colour. And his clothes were soft too. I remember him having two brothers and he was the third. Also the quietest and at the very beginning of the dream I remember his eyes were very judging seeming. (There was a little bit more before what I wrote)
It was winter but it was warm enough to have a t-shirt on and still be warm.
The second line (The fear. The rejection? The fear.) was about him. He was so afraid that I would reject him. And then he started singing but it was so funny because he kept screwing up. Then I laughed and I placed my hands on his face. Then we somehow started to slow dance. He tried to sing softly but then his brothers started to sing and drown him out. All too soon we had to leave.

Then we met again and I felt my soul swell with happiness. He smiled as I told him that I liked his new hair style. (It was a longer styled fawk hawk. Before it was a bit shaggy.) I could see your eyes so much better now. We talked for a while, sitting in the snow but not getting cold or wet. We were sitting in a corner of my yard when we started to go in for a kiss but then I felt like I really shouldn't be. I felt sad that I wanted to kiss him but didn't at the same time. And we both were like what now after that.

The whole thing about a ring was made up after I woke up. I think. Or maybe it really was dreamt in there. But I slightly woke up after the slow dancing part to find my arm almost completely stuck against my face. Yet that felt so comforting. And then after waking up I had to listen to Flyleaf's song There-For-You because it has a line about slow dancing. And since then I've been listening to Flyleaf all day.

While I've felt tired and a bit, I actually felt good today after that dream. Except that it crossed my mind every few moments during my classes. I wanted to know who he was. But some things are better left unknown.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


I updated the format of this template so now you can post comments for the posts (just click on the 0 comments link at the bottom of the post) and as well you can see the title of the post at the top of the post next to the date.

Ah, so much better.

Friday, 2 May 2008


So today was Wagstock over at school. It was pretty crazy with the bikeathon going on (raising money for War Child). I was a little sad that there weren't any bands this year ( well there was one, but I would hardly call them a band because they're a group preforming for our original grad song). But there was a whole lot of diversity in the acts, from highland, Punjabi, gansta, and interpretive dance, to bagpipes with African drums, to a jazz and acoustic sets, to singers. It was pretty intense. Grade 10 still owned though. Minus Stainless Steel. Ew. Anyways yeah. Definitely grade 10 (raising money for the Children's Stollery), this year (raising money for War Child), and then grade 11, which had only two acts that were really good.

Kudos to those who preformed and those participating in the 24 hour bikeathon. All of you are amazing for doing what you did. And also to the sound crew.