Saturday, 29 November 2008

One Semester

So I have two days left of classes and a week and a half of scattered exams.

I emailed Tasha and Patricia. I have not sent Sarah her package yet. But I got her a Christmas gift.

I am excited for Christmas, the holiday break, and new hardwood flooring.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Name Game

1. Your name: Beth
2. A four letter word: Book
3. A vehicle: BMW
4. A city: Berlin
5. A boy's name: Brent
6. A girl's name: Britt
7. A beverage: Blue Kool-Aid
8. A job/occupation: Bassist
9. Some thing you wear: Boots
10. A celebrity: Beyonce (Hahaha)
11. Food: Brussel Sprouts
12. Something in your bathroom: Bathtub
13. Reason for being late: Bleeding Profusely
14. Cartoon/Anime character: Bart Simpson
15. Something you shout: Brilliant!
16. Animal: Beluga Whale
17. A Body part: Bladder
18. A phone: Bell
19. A country: Belgium
20. Something to describe your self: Blessed.

Friday, 7 November 2008


My 100th post! Yay its about time. I don't have a big need to write something deep or silly or anything like that. In a way I think it seems fitting to write a To Do list.

  • Mail Emma's letter out to her (gotta buy a stamp)
  • Write Sarah a letter and send it
  • Send Sarah a parcel of 'goodies' and her calculator
  • Email Patricia because I've been neglecting that email for over a month
  • Buy stuff for tonight
  • Write my English Essay and Sociology Paper
  • Write my Spanish and Choral Papers
  • Do the 'inevitable' thing I've been thinking about this past week
That's about all I can think of for that at the moment. Things that recently got crossed off.
  • Email Tasha some new songs and about life
  • Finishing writing a few songs
  • Write a new poem in my blog
Excellent. Well hopefully I write in this blog soon. Or not. We'll see. It's becoming more of a monthly or bi-monthly thing I believe.