Monday, 10 August 2009

Things, Oh Marvelous Things!

I'm house sitting in two weeks starting Saturday.

The dog that's there (that I can say I am dog sitting, haha) only understands Spanish. Excellent chance to practice and not get lip back. Bwa hahaha!

School starts in T-minus 3 weeks (from tomorrow). Semester ends in T-minus 3 months and 3 weeks.

First it was all babies popping up in our church, now it's weddings! Craziness!

Tasha's wedding is in a month's (give a few days) time!!!! And then Jessica from church is engaged! And it will be no time before Anna's engaged, I'm sure. And what about Mark and his girlfriend? Yeah, soon enough, soon enough. There's going to be no singles left to talk to soon *insert scream face* Horror of horrors!!!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

This Life Here

So maybe, just maybe I should actually update anyone who actually does read this blog about my life, huh? Wait two minutes as I actually go back in time and try to find my last blog update about my life and update from there.

Okay. Two similar updates. One after each other. March 16th and April 6th. Check 'em out if you need a quick refresher.


Short things: hair cut = love. reading more books = forgot how much I love to read. slowly writing more songs = wish I had more inspiration lately. sarah coming back = amazing. no joke. i've missed her so much and haven't seen her in a year and a half. is it a wonder i've missed her?

Okay, longer things: school has been done since mid-April. LOVE IT. High school is a complete joke and waste of time compared to University. You avoid the drama, live your live, schedule your schedule how you want (for the most part depending on classes) and so on. 2nd year? No more Sociology EVER. No more night classes. More freedom. Love, love, love. I have a bit of a problem with one of my music classes so I have to figure out how to rearrange my schedule without changing my minor. Pain in the butt because I think I figured out what to do but I have to pay a nice large sum of money for that. Ugh. Per Semester = double ugh. Worth it? I'll find out after this year.

So, next thing. Life seems like I'll have more freedom. More time for friends. I expect only to work what I worked last year which was 3 times/ 4 times a week absolute max. With every evening free this year (minus Friday's) it is a super bonus for me!
Work is dragging on and on. I am in the process of looking for a new job but in the recession my hopes aren't that high and I'll continue to hold the job I have right now.
My summer vacation is pretty much over though, in terms of good times and not work. Worked a week out at camp that was rewarding and then went to BC the next week. Good times.

Love life? Bah whatever. Nothing's happening there right now and it's not progressing at any speed. Which may just be a good thing. We'll see what happens this coming year.

Surprises are in store, that's for sure. Good and Bad. For Better, For Worse.

Youth Group seems like it's shaping up to be a good year. I am so stoked for it already. I talked to Mr.T (the head youth leader, duh) with an idea I had for the first YG kickoff. Stoked about that if it happened. I totally wish! But I should put it past Brandi too and see what she thinks since she's doing the planning. Speaking of the planning, she has asked Mel, Steph, and me to do music for the worship aspect. STOKED GUYS. I have like a billion charts floating around so even if it was just an acoustic set sometimes. I really like it because this way I can improve my playing and if we have just a piano some nights, I would still be singing so an excellent way to improve that and get more comfortable singing in front of people!!!
I have an exciting idea in regards to YG but I have yet to ask the person yet about some circumstances. We'll see...?

Tasha's home for the year and Matt is coming on September 1st! So I get to meet him at church on the 6th and then their wedding on the following Sunday!!!! Ah! Matt's going to Carmel for the year. So I guess we get to get use to him for a year. I wonder if Tasha and Matt will come to some YG events???

Anyways it's almost 1 o'clock in the morning. Guess I shouldn't have had that 2 hour nap this afternoon. Haha oops.

Ephesians 3:12
1 John 5:4